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RSMSSB Recruitment 2018- Sanganak Syllabus

Exam Syllabus For RSMSSB Sanganak 2018:

Rajasthan RSMSSB released online notification for recruiting the available Sanganak Jobs in Economics and Statistics department. In this article we are providing complete details of Exam pattern and syllabus. Exam mode is online computer based or OMR based. Candidates can download the exam syllabus below and must have start preparation now for this Sanganak/Computor Jobs of Rajasthan RSMSSB State Economics and Statistics Department. Below completed details are given about Exam Pattern and Syllabus for Rajasthan RSMSSB Sanganak/Computor Jobs.


  • major Irrigation Projects,
  • Handicrafts,
  • Development Programmes and
  • Schemes of the State Government,
  • Various Resources of power and Population in Rajasthan.
  • Major physiographic divisions of Rajasthan,
  • Vegetation and Soil,
  • Natural Resources – Minerals, Forest, Water, Livestock, Wild Life and its Conservation,
  • Environmental Conservation,

History, Culture, and Heritage of Rajasthan: 

  • History of Rajasthan
  • Famous Forts,
  • Temples and Hawelies,
  • Saints of Rajasthan,
  • Paintings- various schools in Rajasthan,
  • Famous Historical & Cultural Places of Rajasthan,
  • Folk Literature,
  • Folk Drama,
  • Lok Debian-Devata,
  • Folk Art,
  • Major tourist centers and Heritage Conservation.
  • Folk Music and Dance,
  • Fairs & Festivals,
  • Customs,
  • Jewellery,


  • Collection, Classification, Tabulation and Diagrammatic Presentation of data. Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Moments.
  • Index NumberUses, types, and limitations of index numbers, construction of index numbers, simple and weighted aggregate method, Simple and weighted average price-relatives, Chain base index numbers, Base shifting, Cost of Living index numbers.
  • Design of Sample SurveySampling Unit, Sampling frame, Sampling fraction, Sampling with and without replacement, Population Parameter and Sample estimator, Simple random sampling, stratified random sampling, systematic sampling, cluster sampling.
  • Correlation and RegressionCorrelation and its coefficients, Linear Regression.
  • Time Series AnalysisComponents, Measurements of Trend, Seasonal, Cyclical and irregular variations.
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